Lavant Parish Council


Lavant is a rural parish with an electorate of approximately 1347 in 750 households and at present a precept of £27,420. The parish is just north of Chichester on either side of the A286 Midhurst Road.


Further details about the village can be found in the Lavant Neighbourhood Development Plan

The community is a vibrant one served well by its pubs, restaurants, schools, churches and village hall. The closeness of Goodwood adds to the activities in the parish.


Lavant is to be found in a beautiful part of West Sussex and yet is within easy reach of major urban centres on the coast from Brighton to Southampton. The close proximity of Chichester means access to both mainline trains and buses with direct links to Gatwick Airport and London, Brighton and Portsmouth and also across country to the West, the Midlands and the North.


Parishioners can, of course, use the varied commercial, leisure and entertainment facilities of Chichester with ease. The coast is also very close at Bosham and the Chichester Harbour area, the Witterings, Selsey and Bognor Regis.


Vacancy for a Parish Clerk & Responsible Financial Officer

Lavant Parish Council is looking to appoint a Parish Clerk & RFO with the drive, determination and organisational skills to manage a varied workload.


In addition to managing the day-to-day work of the Parish Council, the post holder will work closely with Councillors to plan and implement the aims and objectives of the Council.


The ideal applicant will have financial & administrative experience, the ability to deliver projects on time and within budget and be able to demonstrate enthusiasm for working with residents and local organisations.


£14.46 per hour (SCP 24)

12 hours per week, including attendance at evening meetings, place of work to be agreed.


To apply, please request an application pack including a Person Specification, Job Description & Application Form by emailing . Please note that CVs will not be accepted, applicants must complete and return an application form to apply.


Closing date for all applications: 30th November 2019


Lavant Parish Council (LPC) is putting together its new 3-5 year plan

So that this plan truly reflects the aspirations and wishes across the whole of the Lavant community, the Council would like to know what residents would like to see figuring in the plan. Any project could be included from tea clubs to play areas, shops of facilities. The council is looking for new ideas that will have a positive impact on the lives of the residents of the Parish and be of some benefit. There are many grants available from outside funding sources that could help to make these dreams a reality.


Parish Councils do not usually have funds that they can spend on these types of projects, however, LPC will be receiving some funding from Chichester District Council (CDC) in mitigation of the development currently being built at Maddoxwood. The sum of money will not be huge (c£46,000) and it will only be a one-off payment, but it could be ear-marked for a project which will serve the Parish.


Please let the Council know what you think is important and where you would like to see the money spent. The largest project that the Council would like to see implemented in the near future is the refurbishment of the Playground, but other projects include a new footpath connecting East Lavant to Mid Lavant, and traffic calming measures.


LPC puts in requests annually to CDC and SDNPA for contributions to projects that are on the go, or that shortly will be implemented. The most recent LPC project, the Volunteer Hub, is now completed.


Please contact the Parish Clerk or speak to any councillor with any ideas you may have - however unusual they may seem!



Latest News


10/10/2019 - Lavant Playground Survey 2019 - results


After an excellent turnout at this year's Playground Party in Churchmead Close, we have had 50 surveys completed and returned (so far). Initial results have been collated and the attached summary report/graphs were presented at the October Lavant Parish Council Meeting this week. Read more below for the detailed reports.


If you have volunteered to help determine the contents and layout of the playground when it is refurbished, LPC will be in touch shortly to arrange a meeting to move this forward. Once preferred contents are established by this group, LPC will arrange 3 quotes to see how much fund-raising will be required to bring this project to fruition.


Thank you to everyone who has taken part. If you haven't completed a survey, but would like to, please contact Elaine Mallett on 01243 776997 or by . Similarly if you would like to be involved in the group to plan the contents of the playground get in touch with Elaine Mallett.



Playground Survey Initial Results Report to LPC



Results in graph format




30/09/2019 - Flood Defence Exercise - POSTPONED


The flood defence exercise planned for TUESDAY 1st OCTOBER has, unfortunately, had to be postponed. Ironically this is due to the bad weather we are currently experiencing in the UK! They guys who were due to come down are probably busy elsewhere helping those that are in need at the moment. Never mind, we will re-arrange for another date and advise this in due course.


12/09/2019 - Planning Permission granted for 18 homes at Pook Lane, Lavant


On Thursday 12th September, the SDNPA Planning Committee gave their approval to the application by Sunley Developers to build 18 houses on the field at the top of Pook Lane. 9 of these will be affordable homes. The start of any building works is not anticipated until Spring 2020. This application includes the provision of additional parking at LMH and road safety measures on Pook Lane. The replacement football pitch is the subject of a linked planning application currently with CDC for progression.


09/07/2019 - Need help finding a job?



and they will be able to help you


Do you really know what your child does when they’re online? Protect your children!


Do you really know what your child does when they're online?


For our children and young people, the internet is a wonderful place where they can explore, learn new things, communicate, be entertained and much more, with their curiosity and appetite for new content evolving and growing as they do. At Get Safe Online, we embrace these benefits, but equally, we know that it can be a challenging and potentially hazardous experience.


Do you know how long they're spending online, what content they're viewing or who they're chatting with? Are you concerned that they could be bullied, befriended by the wrong kind of people or even being persuaded to commit criminal offences? Or even that it could be your child who's the abuser or budding cybercriminal? (After all, everyone is somebody's child).


Ironically, the fact that many of our young people have a greater knowledge of technology than we do doesn't make them more aware of the day-to-day risks they face online. That's why we've put together some expert tips to help you keep them safe and more aware of these dangers.


Have regular conversations with your child about the good and not-so-good things about the internet in language appropriate to their age. Get them to show you what they're doing and try it out for yourself. Gain a better understanding of new online technologies and trends. Don't shy away from discussing potential issues, but don't make it scary. Keep it general so as not to get your child curious about specific sites. Check your facts beforehand.





- Set boundaries and rules from a young age, such as how much time they can spend online for a healthy balance. Draw up an agreement, with your child's input, to give them a degree of ownership. Set an example by using your own mobile devices responsibly and at the right time.


- Chat with friends, family and other parents about how they help their children to progress and keep safe online. Swap experiences and tips. Agree with other parents on sleepover rules.


- Use parental control software and apps on computers, mobile devices and games consoles, privacy features on social networking sites, and the safety options on search engines. Opt into your ISP's family filters. But use these controls only in conjunction with guidance and advice, as children may be able to get around the tech.


- Tell your child that not everybody they meet online is who they appear to be, whether they're on social media, chatrooms, games or YouTube. Be aware that changes in behaviour or moods may be a sign of some kind of online abuse. Find out how to use social networks' reporting buttons and show your children.


- Explain and encourage safe searching.


- Check lower age limits of social networking, picture sharing, gaming and other sites and apps. Download apps only from recognised sources such as App Store and Google Play. Add your own email address when setting up accounts for your child.


- Keep yourself up to date with new game and social media trends, especially those with negative publicity because they may be violent, encourage gambling or leave the way open for grooming.


- Use a family email address when signing up for apps so that you can keep a watchful eye.


- Be aware of the rise in children's live streaming of themselves and the potential dangers. There is also a danger of children randomly being exposed to inappropriate content on video streaming sites such as YouTube and STEAM.


- Talk to your children about oversharing: do they really need to share personal details and events in their posts, profiles and chats? Could it have negative consequences? Look at what you share yourself could it embarrass or endanger your children now or in the future?


- However well you know your child, ask yourself if they could be carrying out some kind of negative online activity that harms others, even if they do not realise this. Include this thought in your conversations with them, but don't accuse. There are some great careers and pastimes your tech-savvy child can turn their hand to.





For more age related advice, visit


Have you signed up to the West Sussex Staying Safe Online E-newsletter? To do so, click here: . Simply enter your email address on the following page, and subscribe to 'Staying Safe Online' in the 'E-newsletter' section.



To contact Sussex Neighbourhood Watch please E-mail or visit





Through Help to Claim at Arun and Chichester Citizens Advice we can provide people with advice on how to apply for Universal Credit and support them through the application process. The support provided will vary depending on individual need, but might include things such as: helping someone gather evidence of their housing or childcare costs; ensuring people know that Alternative Payment Arrangements are available; and offering advice on what to expect at a work coach appointment and how to prepare for it.


Locally the service is available in all three of our Centres - Bognor Regis, Chichester and Littlehampton between 10am and 4.30pm.

In addition to this full support is available through our free phone line and web chat from 8am - 6pm Monday to Friday -

Phone: 0800 144 8 444

Web chat:


New initiatives aim to help the High Street


A package of support is being introduced by Chichester District Council to help support local retailers, as part of its commitment to support the High Street.

A new events' programme; a bid to the Government's High Streets Fund; improved planning guidance; marketing training; enabling grants and a shop front grant programme; are all part of a package of support that the council has started to deliver.


"We recently met with local retailers in Chichester to ask what support they wanted to see. What was interesting is that they felt an events and activity programme would really support their businesses and help bring the city to life. We were really pleased to tell them that this is something that we were already working on for the district," said Cllr Tony Dignum, Cabinet Member for Finance, Growth and Regeneration at Chichester District Council.







"We understand how challenging it is for businesses in the current climate and we want to support them in whatever way we can. We have recently appointed an Events Officer, who is devising an event strategy for the district, which will hopefully attract more people into the city and our towns. Alongside this, we have been delivering marketing training to local retailers and issuing shop front grants to help people further develop their businesses. This has already started to have an impact. We have also run a successful enabling grant programme for small businesses across the district and we will be relaunching it this summer. We also understand that we need to improve the signage and maps around the city and this is a top priority. Chichester Business Improvement District (BID) has already employed a specialist who has reviewed the signage around the city and all partners are currently reviewing this.


"All of these projects are key actions identified under the Chichester Vision project," adds Tony.


"The vision is based on feedback from local residents and businesses. We asked how they wanted to see their city develop over the next 20 years and are now in the process of delivering some of the key projects that they asked for. Along with our partners, we have already secured millions of pounds to support regeneration projects such as the Southern Gateway project; and have also bid for funding from the High Streets Fund.


"We understand that people are concerned about the High Street and this is why we are taking action. Many people believe that we own the shops; are responsible for setting business rates; setting rental rates; and, deciding who goes in which shop, but we have no control over any of these issues. Instead, we are identifying ways we can help and support local businesses during the current economic climate. This is why supporting local businesses is a key theme of the vision. It's also worth noting that Chichester is doing comparatively better than some towns and cities. Empty units do fill relatively quickly and the city is still regarded as an attractive city for businesses to set up in. The shop vacancy rate nationally is running at 11.5%, while in Chichester it is 8.2%.




"As a council we also run a business contact programme, where our Economic Development Officers directly support local businesses across the district, and this works really well. Those who work with us feel supported and they know that when we can't help, we can often signpost them to someone else who can.




"We also want to encourage local residents to buy locally wherever possible - this also makes a massive difference. We have some amazing businesses and we can all play our role in supporting them."




The Chichester Vision was adopted in July 2017. This is a vision for the city over the next 20 years and is central to the city's economic and planning policies. This will develop Chichester as a vibrant and attractive commercial and cultural location, and help to create substantial economic growth and new jobs. The vision aims to protect the city's history and heritage, while enhancing its future vitality as the cultural capital of West Sussex; a place of learning, and an entrepreneurial retail and business centre.




Vision partners include: Chichester District Council; West Sussex County Council; Chichester City Council; Chichester Business Improvement District; Chichester College; Chichester University; and key tourism destinations.




Anyone who runs their own business in the district, or are looking to start a new business, can call the council's Economic Development team for advice and support on a range of areas. For more information please visit, email or call 01243 534669.


You could face a fine if your rubbish is fly tipped ...


...and you didn't use a licensed waste carrier.


Click here to see the CDC/Environment Agency flyer or go to Chichester District Council website by clicking here, for more information.

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