Lavant Parish Council


Lavant is a rural parish with an electorate of approximately 1600 in 750 households and at present a precept of £21,695. The parish is just north of Chichester on either side of the A286 Midhurst Road.


Further details of the component parts of this village and its facilities can be found in the Village Plan. The community is a vibrant one served well by its pubs, restaurants, schools, churches and above all, its Village Hall - The Lavant Memorial Hall. The closeness of Goodwood adds to the activities in the parish.


Lavant is to be found in a beautiful part of West Sussex and yet is within easy reach of major urban centres on the coast from Brighton to Southampton. The close proximity of Chichester means access to both mainline trains and buses with direct links to Gatwick Airport and London, Brighton and Portsmouth and also across country to the West, the Midlands and the North.


Parishioners can, of course, use the varied commercial, leisure and entertainment facilities of Chichester with ease. The coast is also very close to Bosham and the Chichester Harbour area, the Witterings, Selsey and Bognor Regis.



Cycle Event through Lavant Sunday 2nd October





Latest News


07/09/2016 - Views needed on Council Tax schemes


Views needed on Council Tax schemes


People living across Chichester District are being encouraged to have their say on changes to council tax discounts and to the Council Tax Reduction (CTR) Scheme, which provides financial support to households on low incomes.



Chichester District Council is considering changes to reduce the cost of the Council Tax Reduction Scheme. These changes would reduce the amount of CTR some people are entitled to. In addition, it is looking at changing the council tax discount for properties that are vacant where major repair works are required, underway or recently completed.


The Council Tax Reduction Scheme helps people on low incomes to pay their council tax. It replaced the Council Tax Benefit in 2013. Each council is responsible for the way their scheme works.


Every year the council has to review the scheme and consider how best it can allocate the funding. It also periodically reviews the discounts given to some council tax payers. This consultation offers all residents the opportunity to have their say about how council funds are best spent.


All residents are asked to take part in the public consultation which runs until Sunday 18 September 2016.


Councillor Philippa Hardwick, Cabinet Member for Finance at Chichester District Council, says: "We want to hear everyone's views - including those not receiving the reduction.


"We are considering some changes to the current schemes, although they will not affect many residents but we need to know if we've got it right or whether there are areas that we need to look at again."


More information about the scheme and a link to the online survey can be found at


A paper copy can be requested by calling 01243 534623 or emailing



06/09/2016 - Open Meeting on use of Centurion Way





Wednesday 21st September

Lavant Memorial Hall

6.00pm to 7.00pm - a Defibrilator Workshop by

Simon Taplin of St John Ambulance.

An opportunity to familiarise yourself with the

function and practice of a Defibrilator.


7.00pm onwards.


Following the recent trial in which Disabled Access

and Horses were introduced into the mix of Walkers,

Dogs and Cyclists, this is an opportunity for villagers

and the wider community to put forward their views

and listen to those of others. Officers of CDC, WSCC

and SDNPA will be in attendance.


Meetings hosted by Lavant Parish Council


01/09/2016 - A27 - Public Consultation - WSCC response to A27 consultation to be debated in public


WSCC's draft consultation response to Highways England's proposals for the A27 in Chichester will be debated in public.

The issue is to be discussed at the Environmental and Community Services Select Committee on Thursday 15th September

Members of the public are welcome to attend the meeting which will take place in the Council Chamber, County Hall, Chichester, PO19 1RQ at 10.30am.


It will also be webcast live.


The meeting will help us establish our official response to the Highways England consultation.


Our Cabinet Member for Highways and Transport, John O'Brien will consider the committee's recommendations before he approves the official response to Highways England.


Highways England's consultation is open to the public until Friday 22 September.


29/08/2016 - Underage gambling operation at Goodwood Racecourse


An underage gambling operation was carried out at Goodwood Racecourse during a recent race meeting.



Underage gambling operation carried out at Goodwood Racecourse


An underage gambling operation was carried out at Goodwood Racecourse during a recent race meeting.


The results have highlighted the need for bookmakers to be more vigilant in preventing minors placing illegal bets.


Test purchases took place at the end of July and were led by Chichester District Council's Licensing Team in partnership with representatives of Goodwood Racecourse, the Gambling Commission and Sussex Police.


A total of 20 test purchases were made by authorised police cadets who were all aged under 18. Thirteen illegal bets were accepted without challenge and seven were refused. The results mean that 65% of the bets placed were illegal.


The operation followed a similar format to others which have taken place at racecourses across England and Wales which have all had the full support of the Gambling Commission and racecourse operators.


Councillor Roger Barrow, Cabinet Member for Environment at Chichester District Council, says: "We have a legal responsibility to protect children and young people from being harmed or exploited by gambling.


"Test purchase operations like these allow us to measure the levels of compliance. They highlight where any work needs to be undertaken with operators to raise awareness of the law.


"The results are now being carefully considered and the appropriate follow up action will be taken with each bookmaker who failed a test. Proactive discussions will be held with Goodwood to see if there is any further work they can do to help prevent licensed bookmakers operating on their premises accepting bets from those who are underage. "


Sarah Bullen, Operations Manager at Goodwood Racecourse said about the exercise: "Goodwood fully supports this initiative and we continue to work to ensure the proper controls on gambling are in place at the course. We will always work with the authorities in the best interests of young people who attend our events"




For further information, please contact Jack Ives, PR Assistant at Chichester District Council on 01243 521032.


10/08/2016 - A27 Public Consultation Summer 2016 (2)


Chichester Deserves Better


Supporting an improved A27 that benefits the city and the community as a whole!

Highways England A27 Public Consultation


Rounded Rectangle: Have your say online here






Rounded Rectangle: Have your say online here




As the public consultation on options to improve the A27 continues we are becoming increasingly concerned by suggestions from a pro northern bypass group that people should be opting for "none of the above"

In a number of letters from the group printed in the Chichester Observer there are calls for the northern bypass to be reinstated as an option.

Campaign group Best4Chichester, who have continually pushed for a northern bypass, yet again claim that all the options being presented at the public consultation are simply a sticking plaster and that only a new bypass would provide a long term solution.

Yet when questioned, representatives from Highways England confirmed that all the options met with the brief. Some options are clearly more long term than others.

For example, it is clear from the traffic projections, that option 2 provides a real long term benefit to through traffic by making the existing A27 a proper bypass; and to local traffic from the Manhood Peninsula by improving journey times by around 20%

The same traffic forecasts published by Highways England show that a northern bypass would involve NO improvements to the existing road, and would provide less substantial benefits for traffic from the Peninsula of just over 10%, and would increase local traffic journeys to the north of the City by around 5 minutes.


Birdham Parish Council state on their website that residents can "vote for an A27 bypass alternative" and encourage people to select "no option" as their preferred choice.

Phrases like 'vote for an A27 bypass alternative' are misleading. This suggests that the decision will be made on the option that has the most votes. This is not the X-factor where the option with the most votes wins; or a Brexit style referendum. It is a consultation on 5 considered options.


The public consultation is just that, a consultation, it is a chance to consult the public on the schemes which Highways England have concluded to fulfil the brief and fit within the budget. The consultation is a legal requirement of the planning process which a new road scheme has to go through, and is an opportunity for local residents and businesses to give their views on the options presented and to ask questions, make suggestions and provide feedback.

It is important that residents and businesses respond to the consultation. There is much more in the questionnaire than simply selecting a preferred option, and the consultation is more about prioritising elements of the improvements and providing detailed feedback on the options.

We are backing option 2 and we would strongly encourage all people with an interest in finding the best long term solution to the A27 congestion to respond to the consultation. This can be either on the paper forms provided at the public consultations (details below) or quickly and simply online here




A post on the Birdham Parish Council website suggests that

"by choosing to reject all the options currently out for consultation does NOT mean no bypass or improvements in the future but will make Highways understand locals' concerns and work harder to address them."

This is a nonsense. Rejecting all of the options risks no improvements whatsoever now. If the project is shelved it could be another 15 - 20 years before it is revisited. Just look at the history of the project stretching back more than 30 years.


The process by which a new infrastructure project must go through is strictly controlled by law. We have consulted with experts in this field and the advice is clear. The money is allocated within the Road Investment Strategy to deliver improvements within a set timeframe. The options are narrowed down from a wide range of options to a small number formally presented at the public consultation.

Those that do not make it to consultation are not viable options as they do not fit within the remit and/or budget and so are discarded. The money is allocated to be spent on one of the formal options and a very clear programme is set out to ensure an option is selected within a set period of time. New options cannot be introduced at this point, only variations on the 5 options, with detailed design input being carried out after the preferred option is selected.


We acknowledge that there are some residents that feel a northern bypass is what Chichester needs, however we have been clear that there is good evidence to show that this is not the case and the bottom line is that it is not in the final options being consulted on.

To encourage people to select "No option" or "none of the above" in the hope of introducing the northern bypass into the consultation is misleading. The northern bypass cannot be reintroduced as the formal process of consultation has now begun and to try and derail the process now risks the whole project being shelved.


With tightening budgets following the Brexit vote and Highways England tasked with finding £1.2 billion worth of savings across the network, it runs the risk of Highways England deciding to do a cheap quick fix now, or worse still, nothing.

Chichester doesn't need a bypass or improvements in the future. It needs it now, and every opportunity to encourage positive selection of the option that is the very best for Chichester should be taken now.


Option 2 will make the existing bypass what it was intended to be; a bypass, and the new link road significantly improves connectivity for locals both north and south of the City.


You can have your say by completing a questionnaire available at the many public consultations. If you can't make the consultations you can respond quickly and easily online here


Full details, including 3D visuals of the proposals, can be seen here


The Chichester Observer is also running a poll for local opinion on the best solution, we are backing option 2, you can have your say here







Above - Traffic Key results - Highways England - July 2016

Click image for larger version


contact us at


22/07/2016 - A27 Public Consultation Summer 2016


A27 public consultation dates announced. To have your say please click read more......



This update is for residents and stakeholders who are interested in the A27 Chichester Bypass improvement scheme.


Consultation this summer


We are pleased to announce that this consultation will take place between 14 July 2016 and 22 September 2016. There will be several ways to have your say. You will be able to:


1 Meet the Highways England project team at any of our public exhibitions.

2 Give us your views online via an online survey that will be on our website.

3 Complete a paper survey and drop it off at one of our collection points that will be set up throughout the area. These will be listed on our website and publicised in local media.


The public exhibitions


We will be holding 14 public exhibitions where you can meet the team and find out more about the options. The exhibitions are listed below. All the materials available at the exhibitions as well as the survey will be also available on our website.


A27 consultation Summer 2016
Monday 25 JulyChichester Assembly Rooms, North Street, PO19 1LQ10am - 8pm
Monday 1st AugustFishbourne Centre, Blackboy Lane, PO18 8BE10am - 7pm
Tuesday 2nd AugustFishbourne Centre, Blackboy Lane, PO18 8BE10am - 7pm
Saturday 6th AugustNorth Mundham Community Centre, School Lane, PO20 1LA10am - 2pm
Tuesday 9th AugustChichester Baptist Church, Sherborne Road, PO19 3AW10am - 7pm
Wednesday 10th AugustChichester Baptist Church, Sherborne Road, PO19 3AW10am - 7pm
Friday 19th AugustBoxgrove Village Hall, The Street, PO18 0EE10am - 7pm
Saturday 20th AugustBoxgrove Village Hall, The Street, PO18 0EE10am - 2pm
Tuesday 30th AugustLavant Memorial Hall, Pook Lane, PO18 0AH10am - 8pm
Friday 2nd SeptemberLavant Memorial Hall, Pook Lane, PO18 0AH10am - 8pm
Friday 9th SeptemberBracklesham Barn, Beech Avenue, PO20 8NU10am - 7pm
Saturday 10th SeptemberBracklesham Barn, Beech Avenue, PO20 8NU10am - 2pm
Wednesday 14th SeptemberChichester Assembly Rooms, North Street, PO19 1LQ10am - 8pm
Thursday 15th SeptemberChichester Assembly Rooms, North Street, PO19 1LQ10am - 8pm




What happens next?


After the consultation, we will present a Consultation Report to the Secretary of State for Transport

who will make the final decision on any recommendations and officially issue a Preferred Route

Announcement by late 2016.


The scheme is scheduled to be open for traffic in 2021-2023 depending on the option chosen.

The preferred option will also be subject to a future consultation and public examination as part of the planning process.


Arundel and Worthing & Lancing improvement schemes


In May we held workshops on these schemes which were attended by a group of local and

statutory stakeholders. A summary of these workshops will be published online in due course. You

can sign up on our websites to receive an e-mail alert when these summaries are published.

Arundel: click here

Worthing and Lancing: click here


Keep in touch

The A27 Chichester bypass improvement scheme is essential to improve traffic, safety and economic growth in the region.

To find out more:


Call: 0300 123 5000



20/06/2016 - Electric Fire Blanket testing


Electric blanket testing events are being held by West Sussex Fire Service



See full article


Queen's photos


The photos taken for the Queen's birthday card are available here.



Queen's birthday Photo 1


Queen's birthday Photo 2


Queen's birthday Photo 3


Queen's birthday Photo 4


Queen's birthday Photo 5


Queen's birthday Photo 6


Queen's birthday Photo 7


Queen's birthday Photo 8


Queen's birthday Photo 9


Was your child born between 1 September 2012 and 31 August 2013?


Starting School - September 2017? Important information read on!


Click here and here



Starting School - September 2017


The application process for children due to start school in September 2017 will begin on Monday 3 October 2016. West Sussex County Council no longer sends individual letters to parents but is advertising the application arrangements as widely as possible and it is in this connection that I now write to you.


As a service to your local community we would invite you to advertise the starting school application window in your Parish Magazine, on your website or by whatever means you normally use to communicate with your residents.


I have attached to this email a poster and leaflet giving details of the application process. The key points are:


· Apply online at


· Applications can be made between 3 October 2016 and 15 January 2017


· Special rules apply for house movers until 23 March 2017


· The Information for Parents booklet is available on our website


· Further information is available by ringing 03330 142 903



Applications made after the closing date cannot be considered until all on time applications have been processed. This may mean it is not possible to offer a child a place at a local school. We would therefore be grateful if you could help actively encourage all parents to apply by the closing date.


If you have any questions regarding the process please do not hesitate to contact me.


In advance, please accept our thanks for your assistance and co-operation.


Kind regards





Richard Godsmark - Pupil Entitlement: Senior Admissions Officer

Care, Wellbeing & Education Directorate, Education & Skills

West Sussex County Council

Location: Pupil Admissions Team, 3rd Floor, County Hall North, Chart Way, Horsham, RH12 1XH

Internal: 24062 - External: 0330 222 4062 E-mail:

Forthcoming Events


Chichester in Partnership bulletin


Find out what's going on in Chichester!






Welcome to the e-bulletin for Chichester in Partnership. If you have anything you want to put in the bulletin the deadline for input is the 3rd Thursday of every month.


Events/ Training


VAAC Funding Fair, 12th October 2016, 10am - 3pm, University of Chichester (Bognor Campus.)

Morning Market Place - 10am - 1pm; Come and chat to the funders in our market place. Both nationaland local funders attending.

Afternoon Workshops - 1.15pm - 3pm; Introduction to Major Donor Fundraising, Writing a Case forSupport and Social Media Fundraising. Read more here

Volunteer Now! Introduction to Volunteering workshop, 16th September 2016 at Chichester Canal Centre, 10.00 - 11.30. Book your FREE place: 01243 864220 or or just drop-in - read more here

Apprenticeships jobs Fair - 9th September 2016

With an Apprenticeship you can gain qualifications whilst working and earning. Please remind any of your job seeking clients or students to come along to meet the employers and training providers Drop in for expert advice: Chichester District Council, Committee rooms, Chichester, 9th September 2-4pm.


Dementia-Friendly Tea Dance at Chichester Cathedral

Following the success of last year's popular event Chichester Cultural Learning Partnership host a second dementia-friendly Tea Dance at Chichester Cathedral's Vicar's Hall on Saturday 10 September.

For one afternoon the Vicar's Hall at Chichester Cathedral will be transformed into a quintessential dance hall. A live band will get everyone onto the floor with classic hits from the 20s, 30s and 40s, and freshly-baked scones will be served the traditional way with jam and cream.

Earlier this year Chichester Cultural Learning Partnership organised the hugely successful Living Well with Dementia Festival of arts events. Over the course of six weeks 351 people attended 38 events and the tea dance is the perfect opportunity for organisers and participants to come together and celebrate all that Chichester now has to offer for those living with dementia.

The occasion also marks the launch of Chichester Dementia Alliance, a forum of local charities, care providers and other businesses who are working to achieve a fully dementia-friendly Chichester, where people living with dementia, their families and carers can live as happily and independently as possible.

The Tea Dance takes place in the Vicar's Hall at Chichester Cathedral on Saturday 10 September from 2.30pm to 4.30pm. Tickets cost £5 including refreshments. To book telephone 01243 813595 or email Tickets can also be purchased at the Cloister Shop.



Highways England's A27 Chichester improvement consultation underway

Highways England has begun its public consultation on the A27 Chichester bypass improvement scheme. The consultation is open until Thursday, 22 September 2016. For more information click here


Free day of Wellbeing MOTs open to employers to help their staff

Businesses across Chichester District are being encouraged to help employees improve their health and lifestyle by offering a day of free Wellbeing MOTs. For more information click here




SPRING video

Swanfield Park Residents Involvement Neighbourhood Group (SPRING) have made a video (see link) that describes the on-gong development work that has been taking place at the Swanfield Centre and surrounding area. The video clearly illustrates how a variety of organisations, including CDC and the residents working together has enabled a local community to take back ownership of their local area and improve the environment in which they live. It is testament to the residents' hard work and unfailing enthusiasm. It just goes to show what can be achieved when people come together with a shared vision and the willingness to work together.


New Falls Prevention Service

Chichester Wellbeing has commissioned a new community falls prevention service. The aim of the service is to improve the strength, balance and stability of people that are at risk of falling or fearful of falling and promoting independence in later life.

Chichester District has a growing ageing population; the 65+ age population is projected to have risen significantly to 45,153 in 20 years' time, an increase of around 14,700 more people in this age group

People aged 65 and older have the highest risk of falling, and 35% of Chichester District residents aged 65+ may be expected to fall each year

Falls and fall related injuries carry a huge cost both to the NHS and to the individuals, their family and their carers. 11million people in the UK are 65years or older and one third of these will fall each year costing the NHS over £1.7billion annually and the project is a local response to this challenge

Evidence shows that older adults (65 years and over) who are at risk of falls should incorporate physical activity to improve balance and coordination on at least 2 days a week

The service is:

a sixteen week rolling programme of strength and balance classes designed in line with NICE Guidance recommendations.

for eligible people aged over 65 years living in the Chichester District who are assessed as being at a low-medium risk of falling;

rolling out from September 2016 run from three fully accessible community venues, in Selsey, Chichester City centre and in the north of the district;

Free of Charge and will include an information session looking at the range of topics relating to falls prevention.

Participants will be required to provide a completed referral form from their GP or a Secondary Care Professional in order to take part but more information is available from Chichester Wellbeing Team 01243 521041 or email


Chichester in Partnership Core Group Meeting - 6th September 2016, 2pm, Chichester District Council, Committee Room 1

All core group meetings are open for the wider partnership to attend as observers.

Agenda items are:

Choose Work Project

VAAC Flourishing or Floundering Report

Access to services report

Community Assessment tool

Annual Partnership Event 2017



If you have any news articles/ Press releases that you want included in this newswire and on our website please use the contact details below.

Alternatively if you would like to be added to the circulation list for this newswire, or if you no longer wish to receive it, please contact:

Amy Loaring, Chichester District Council, East Pallant House, Chichester, West Sussex, PO19 1TY, Tel: 01243 534726, email:


07/09/2016 - Cycle event through Lavant Sunday 2nd October 2016


For more information and a route map click here


21/09/2016 - Notes from Open Meeting on Centurion Way 21/09/16



Please find attached a précis of the recording of the meeting at Lavant Memorial Hall concerning the use of Centurion Way between Lavant and Binderton for all vulnerable groups (cyclists, walkers, disabled and horses).

Under read more you will also find an email from Heartsmart Walks; and two articles about Horse Manure and Dog Faeces.







Clinical trial on Horse manure



How dangerous is dog poo?

Click on an image to zoom