Lavant Parish Council


Lavant is a rural parish with an electorate of approximately 1600 in 750 households and at present a precept of £21,695. The parish is just north of Chichester on either side of the A286 Midhurst Road.


Further details of the component parts of this village and its facilities can be found in the Village Plan. The community is a vibrant one served well by its pubs, restaurants, schools, churches and above all, its Village Hall - The Lavant Memorial Hall. The closeness of Goodwood adds to the activities in the parish.


Lavant is to be found in a beautiful part of West Sussex and yet is within easy reach of major urban centres on the coast from Brighton to Southampton. The close proximity of Chichester means access to both mainline trains and buses with direct links to Gatwick Airport and London, Brighton and Portsmouth and also across country to the West, the Midlands and the North.


Parishioners can, of course, use the varied commercial, leisure and entertainment facilities of Chichester with ease. The coast is also very close to Bosham and the Chichester Harbour area, the Witterings, Selsey and Bognor Regis.



Application for funding for
Lavant Neighbourhood Development Plan
July 2016


Lavant Parish Council is applying for funding from the New Homes Bonus Scheme from CDC to be able to complete the LNDP.

The amount being requested from this community fund is £2321.

Should you have any comments please contact either the Parish Clerk on 01243 575094 or by email:

or Chairman Ian Hutton on 01243 528897 or



Latest News


10/08/2016 - A27 Public Consultation Summer 2016 (2)


Chichester Deserves Better


Supporting an improved A27 that benefits the city and the community as a whole!

Highways England A27 Public Consultation


Rounded Rectangle: Have your say online here






Rounded Rectangle: Have your say online here




As the public consultation on options to improve the A27 continues we are becoming increasingly concerned by suggestions from a pro northern bypass group that people should be opting for "none of the above"

In a number of letters from the group printed in the Chichester Observer there are calls for the northern bypass to be reinstated as an option.

Campaign group Best4Chichester, who have continually pushed for a northern bypass, yet again claim that all the options being presented at the public consultation are simply a sticking plaster and that only a new bypass would provide a long term solution.

Yet when questioned, representatives from Highways England confirmed that all the options met with the brief. Some options are clearly more long term than others.

For example, it is clear from the traffic projections, that option 2 provides a real long term benefit to through traffic by making the existing A27 a proper bypass; and to local traffic from the Manhood Peninsula by improving journey times by around 20%

The same traffic forecasts published by Highways England show that a northern bypass would involve NO improvements to the existing road, and would provide less substantial benefits for traffic from the Peninsula of just over 10%, and would increase local traffic journeys to the north of the City by around 5 minutes.


Birdham Parish Council state on their website that residents can "vote for an A27 bypass alternative" and encourage people to select "no option" as their preferred choice.

Phrases like 'vote for an A27 bypass alternative' are misleading. This suggests that the decision will be made on the option that has the most votes. This is not the X-factor where the option with the most votes wins; or a Brexit style referendum. It is a consultation on 5 considered options.


The public consultation is just that, a consultation, it is a chance to consult the public on the schemes which Highways England have concluded to fulfil the brief and fit within the budget. The consultation is a legal requirement of the planning process which a new road scheme has to go through, and is an opportunity for local residents and businesses to give their views on the options presented and to ask questions, make suggestions and provide feedback.

It is important that residents and businesses respond to the consultation. There is much more in the questionnaire than simply selecting a preferred option, and the consultation is more about prioritising elements of the improvements and providing detailed feedback on the options.

We are backing option 2 and we would strongly encourage all people with an interest in finding the best long term solution to the A27 congestion to respond to the consultation. This can be either on the paper forms provided at the public consultations (details below) or quickly and simply online here




A post on the Birdham Parish Council website suggests that

"by choosing to reject all the options currently out for consultation does NOT mean no bypass or improvements in the future but will make Highways understand locals' concerns and work harder to address them."

This is a nonsense. Rejecting all of the options risks no improvements whatsoever now. If the project is shelved it could be another 15 - 20 years before it is revisited. Just look at the history of the project stretching back more than 30 years.


The process by which a new infrastructure project must go through is strictly controlled by law. We have consulted with experts in this field and the advice is clear. The money is allocated within the Road Investment Strategy to deliver improvements within a set timeframe. The options are narrowed down from a wide range of options to a small number formally presented at the public consultation.

Those that do not make it to consultation are not viable options as they do not fit within the remit and/or budget and so are discarded. The money is allocated to be spent on one of the formal options and a very clear programme is set out to ensure an option is selected within a set period of time. New options cannot be introduced at this point, only variations on the 5 options, with detailed design input being carried out after the preferred option is selected.


We acknowledge that there are some residents that feel a northern bypass is what Chichester needs, however we have been clear that there is good evidence to show that this is not the case and the bottom line is that it is not in the final options being consulted on.

To encourage people to select "No option" or "none of the above" in the hope of introducing the northern bypass into the consultation is misleading. The northern bypass cannot be reintroduced as the formal process of consultation has now begun and to try and derail the process now risks the whole project being shelved.


With tightening budgets following the Brexit vote and Highways England tasked with finding £1.2 billion worth of savings across the network, it runs the risk of Highways England deciding to do a cheap quick fix now, or worse still, nothing.

Chichester doesn't need a bypass or improvements in the future. It needs it now, and every opportunity to encourage positive selection of the option that is the very best for Chichester should be taken now.


Option 2 will make the existing bypass what it was intended to be; a bypass, and the new link road significantly improves connectivity for locals both north and south of the City.


You can have your say by completing a questionnaire available at the many public consultations. If you can't make the consultations you can respond quickly and easily online here


Full details, including 3D visuals of the proposals, can be seen here


The Chichester Observer is also running a poll for local opinion on the best solution, we are backing option 2, you can have your say here







Above - Traffic Key results - Highways England - July 2016

Click image for larger version


contact us at


29/07/2016 - Neighbourhood Plan - your responses to the draft pre-submission documents


The consolidated responses from residents, local organisations and public bodies have now been collated. Click here to link to the page.


22/07/2016 - A27 Public Consultation Summer 2016


A27 public consultation dates announced. To have your say please click read more......



This update is for residents and stakeholders who are interested in the A27 Chichester Bypass improvement scheme.


Consultation this summer


We are pleased to announce that this consultation will take place between 14 July 2016 and 22 September 2016. There will be several ways to have your say. You will be able to:


1 Meet the Highways England project team at any of our public exhibitions.

2 Give us your views online via an online survey that will be on our website.

3 Complete a paper survey and drop it off at one of our collection points that will be set up throughout the area. These will be listed on our website and publicised in local media.


The public exhibitions


We will be holding 14 public exhibitions where you can meet the team and find out more about the options. The exhibitions are listed below. All the materials available at the exhibitions as well as the survey will be also available on our website.


A27 consultation Summer 2016
Monday 25 JulyChichester Assembly Rooms, North Street, PO19 1LQ10am - 8pm
Monday 1st AugustFishbourne Centre, Blackboy Lane, PO18 8BE10am - 7pm
Tuesday 2nd AugustFishbourne Centre, Blackboy Lane, PO18 8BE10am - 7pm
Saturday 6th AugustNorth Mundham Community Centre, School Lane, PO20 1LA10am - 2pm
Tuesday 9th AugustChichester Baptist Church, Sherborne Road, PO19 3AW10am - 7pm
Wednesday 10th AugustChichester Baptist Church, Sherborne Road, PO19 3AW10am - 7pm
Friday 19th AugustBoxgrove Village Hall, The Street, PO18 0EE10am - 7pm
Saturday 20th AugustBoxgrove Village Hall, The Street, PO18 0EE10am - 2pm
Tuesday 30th AugustLavant Memorial Hall, Pook Lane, PO18 0AH10am - 8pm
Friday 2nd SeptemberLavant Memorial Hall, Pook Lane, PO18 0AH10am - 8pm
Friday 9th SeptemberBracklesham Barn, Beech Avenue, PO20 8NU10am - 7pm
Saturday 10th SeptemberBracklesham Barn, Beech Avenue, PO20 8NU10am - 2pm
Wednesday 14th SeptemberChichester Assembly Rooms, North Street, PO19 1LQ10am - 8pm
Thursday 15th SeptemberChichester Assembly Rooms, North Street, PO19 1LQ10am - 8pm




What happens next?


After the consultation, we will present a Consultation Report to the Secretary of State for Transport

who will make the final decision on any recommendations and officially issue a Preferred Route

Announcement by late 2016.


The scheme is scheduled to be open for traffic in 2021-2023 depending on the option chosen.

The preferred option will also be subject to a future consultation and public examination as part of the planning process.


Arundel and Worthing & Lancing improvement schemes


In May we held workshops on these schemes which were attended by a group of local and

statutory stakeholders. A summary of these workshops will be published online in due course. You

can sign up on our websites to receive an e-mail alert when these summaries are published.

Arundel: click here

Worthing and Lancing: click here


Keep in touch

The A27 Chichester bypass improvement scheme is essential to improve traffic, safety and economic growth in the region.

To find out more:


Call: 0300 123 5000



21/07/2016 - Forage Yard Road closure 20th - 21st July


Forage Yard road will be closed for re-surfacing work on 20th and 21st July.


20/07/2016 - Chichester public toilet is now fully accessible thanks to extra facilities


Chichester public toilet is now fully accessible thanks to extra facilities



Chichester public toilet is now fully accessible thanks to extra facilities


Extra facilities have been created at a Chichester public convenience so that people with learning and / or physical disabilities can use toilets in safety and comfort.


The work has been carried out to the accessible toilet in the Northgate Car Park. Advice on the layout was provided by the Chichester Access Group which promotes accessibility across the city.


The project meets the requirements for the national Changing Places initiative which works with a wide range of organisations and businesses to provide fully accessible toilets. Changing Places toilets are different to standard accessible disabled toilets because they have more space and a range of equipment to help users.


The Northgate facility now includes an adult-sized bench with a hoist plus a basin, which are both height adjustable. The toilet can be used by people with profound disabilities and people with other physical problems such as spinal injuries, muscular dystrophy and multiple sclerosis.


The toilets are open from 7am until 7pm each day and can be accessed via the national RADAR key scheme.


Councillor Roger Barrow, Cabinet Member for Environment at Chichester District Council, says: "This will make a real difference to the quality of life of people with disabilities and their carers. It means they can plan a journey or day out to incorporate stops at Changing Places facilities. We hope these facilities will take away some of the worry and enable people to get out and about and enjoy the day-to-day activities that many of us take for granted."


As part of the work at Northgate, improved baby changing facilities have been added to the women's and the men's toilets.


To see a map of more than 850 Changing Places facilities across the country to or plan a journey around them, see


For more information about the Northgate facilities, please see


19/07/2016 - Sleepover at Novium Museum 19th August


Chichester school enjoys sleepover after winning writing competition at The Novium Museum. (A family sleepover planned for 19th August....)



Chichester school enjoys sleepover after winning writing competition at The Novium Museum


A Year 5 class from Central C of E Junior School in Chichester have had 'the best night ever' after winning a historical-themed sleepover at The Novium Museum in Chichester.


The sleepover was the main prize in this year's annual writing competition at the museum, which tied in with its 'Murray or None' exhibition.


The exhibition, staged with a grant from the Heritage Lottery Fund, tells the fascinating story of local naval hero, Admiral Sir George Murray. It relays how he played his part in significant world events, as well as leaving a lasting legacy in Chichester.


The children had a wonderful time during their sleepover, enjoying a torch-lit hunt around the museum, craft activities themed around Admiral Murray's adventures and a bedtime story based on the German legend of 'Why the Sea is Salty', before settling down to sleep among the exhibits.


Bailey Burrows, of Class 5C said; "We expected there to be ghosts and everything but it was just really fun."


For the competition, children were asked to write a letter on behalf of Admiral Murray to potential recruits for the Royal Navy circa 1803. To make their entries stand out, Class 5C researched information about The Royal Navy in the 1800s, finding out what might tempt the ordinary man into trying out the seafaring life.


Next, they studied skills in persuasive letter writing and finally, tea-stained the paper to make it look authentic. They rolled the letters into scrolls and sealed them with red wax seals and ribbons. All the letters were then placed inside a green chest which was presented to The Novium Museum.


Michaela Cooke, teacher of Class 5C at Central C of E Junior School, said: "The children were so excited and proud that one of their letters won the competition."


Isabelle Holcroft, of Class 5C at Central C of E Junior School, was selected as the overall winner of the sleepover prize and said: 'I can't believe it. All of the letters were very good."


Councillor Gillian Keegan, Cabinet Member for Commercial Services at Chichester District Council, said: "We were delighted by the quality of the work presented to us by Central C of E Junior School. All of the entries we received were fantastic and we would like to congratulate everyone who took part in The Novium Museum's writing competition. It is wonderful that the Murray project is inspiring new audiences in this way."


An Admiral Murray themed sleepover for families will be held on Friday, 19 August at The Novium Museum and is available to book now for £20 per person by calling the museum on 01243 775888.


For more information about the 'Murray or None' exhibition, and for information about sleepovers at the museum, please visit or call 01243 775888.


13/07/2016 - Clams and Cockles Health warning to residents in Chichester


Clams and cockles health warning to residents in Chichester


Chichester District Council is warning residents and businesses who collect clams and cockles from beds in the Prinstead area of Chichester Harbour that they could be harmful to health.



The warning relates specifically to clams and cockles. Analysis of tests carried out on samples gathered by the council's Health Protection team showed that they are carrying potentially harmful bacteria. As a result, the safety class of these beds has been temporarily downgraded.


The council is advising people not to gather cockles and clams for their own consumption from the Prinstead beds until further notice.


Food Hygiene Regulations require any food business that collects from this area to send any of the clams and cockles for specified heat treatment to kill off any bacteria.


"The bacteria found pose a serious risk to people's health and our advice to residents is not to collect any shellfish until further notice," says Councillor Roger Barrow, Cabinet Member for Environment at Chichester District Council. "Food businesses need to abide by strict regulations to ensure the safety of the public.


"We would like to reassure residents that our Health Protection team is working with CEFAS (The Centre for Environment, Fisheries and Aquaculture Science) and the Food Standards Agency (FSA) and is closely monitoring the situation.


"More tests on clams and cockles from these beds are due to take place and the team is keeping its decision to downgrade the area under review. We will of course keep people updated but I would urge people to exercise extreme caution until we have further information.


"Any individual or food business that needs advice should contact our Health Protection team on 01243 534602 or email "



For further information, please contact Clare Hawkin, PR Officer at Chichester District Council on 01243 534679.




20/06/2016 - Electric Fire Blanket testing


Electric blanket testing events are being held by West Sussex Fire Service



See full article


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