Fireworks at Goodwood
16 October 2023

Please find detailed below the timings for fireworks, daytime and evening, taking place during the Autumn and early Winter 2023


At Goodwood House

Friday 27th Start time between 9pm to 9.30pm approximately, for 30 minutes


At The Kennels

Friday 3rd 7.30pm for 15 minutes

Saturday 4th7.30pm for 15 minutes

Sunday 5th7.30pm for 15 minutes


At Goodwood House - Club & GRRC Annual Christmas Parties

Tuesday 5th approximately at 22.00 for 15 minutes

Wednesday 6thapproximately at 22.00 for 15 minutes

Thursday 7thapproximately at 22.00 for 15 minutes

Friday 8th approximately at 22.00 for 15 minutes

The Hotel are not having any events where fireworks will be used, and has no events on New Year's Eve.

Withdrawal of Lavant Green Defence Management
19 May 2023
Burn Better - Environmental Protection
04 May 2021

Neighbour Hood Advice From Our Environment Protection Team

Do You Still Use a Fireplace/ Stoves. Please read this link Burn Better Environment

Please could we ask Residents to bear this advice in mind when using fireplaces or wood burning stoves .

Witnessed a crime?
01 July 2020

If you've witnessed or been the victim of crime, please report it here. It will help Sussex Police to bring the offender to justice and make sure this doesn't happen to anyone else. Just answer a few quick questions on this webpage to find out the best way to get in touch. The kind of information you provide plays a huge part in how Sussex Police plan their policing.

Click here to go straight to the Sussex Police - How to Report a Crime