Lavant Parish Council


21st Jul 2020 - Temporary Cycle Segregation Route - Chichester City Centre, various roads

NOTICE is hereby given that not less than seven days from the date of this Notice, West Sussex County Council intend to make an Order under the Road Traffic Regulation Act 1984, the effect of which will be to:-


(i) prohibit motor vehicles from driving at a speed of more than 20mph on the following lengths of roads:


Broyle Road - between George Street and Churchside;

St Paul's Road - between St Paul's Gardens and Northgate;

Northgate - between Churchside and Oaklands Way;

Churchside - between St Paul's Road and Northgate;

Oaklands Way - between Northgate and New Park Road;

New Park Road - between Jubilee Road and Oaklands Way;

Spitalfield Lane - between Adelaide Road and Oaklands Way;

Avenue de Chartres - between Southgate and Westgate Fields;

Via Ravenna - from the Avenue de Chartres to the carpark;

A286 Orchard Street - from Westgate to the Records Office carpark;




(ii) create a temporary bus and cycle lane on the Avenue de Chartres between the Westgate Link roundabout and Tollhouse Close.


The Order is necessary to protect public safety and facilitate the establishment of a pop-up segregated cycle route around the city centre enacting the traffic management guidance issued by the Secretary of State in response to COVID 19.


The Order will come into effect on 31st July 2020 and will last for upto 18 months or until the cycle route is no longer operative, whichever is earlier.


Any queries about the effect of the Order on vehicles using the highway should be directed to WSCC, telephone number (01243) 642105.


Dated this 16th day of July 2020