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27 February 2019 - Council leaders agree investment to upgrade CCTV cameras in Chichester city centre


A project to update certain CCTV cameras in Chichester is being recommended by leading councillors.


Chichester District Council's Cabinet has agreed to recommend that the council invest £165,000 in upgrading a number of original city centre cameras, including reinstating two cameras in Avenue de Chartres.


The upgrade will significantly improve the quality of surveillance footage captured in order to protect residents, visitors and businesses.




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27 February 2019 - Courts begin sitting at Chichester District Council offices


Local residents will continue to have access to justice now that rooms at Chichester District Council are being used for court sittings.


The council has agreed to provide a space to hold civil and family hearings after the closure of the Chichester Combined Courts following a shake-up of provision by the Ministry of Justice.


A pilot for the service took place last July which proved successful, and now Chichester District Council has offered space in its committee rooms for up to 50 Fridays per year. The first official sitting took place on Friday 4 January.






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04 February 2019 - Bus loads of sugar removed from county's school dinners!


School dinners across West Sussex now contain 2.5kg less sugar per child a year than they did just four years ago - and the proof is not just in the pudding.


The latest menu for children to choose from now includes just 5g of sugar a day on average, down 73% on meals served up in 2014 when the average school dinner contained 18.5g of sugar.


West Sussex County Council's Catering Services Team has been working closely with Public Health specialists since the end of 2014 in a targeted effort to reduce the amount of sugar in primary school meals.


The West Sussex Sugar Reduction Programme has been run at no extra cost in collaboration with Chartwells, the county council's main primary school meals provider. In total, the amount of sugar that has been removed from meals over a school year is the equivalent weight of more than five double decker buses.


But crucially, the toughest critics - a team of pupil taste testers - have given the healthier meals the thumbs up, proving that there's no need to compromise on taste and meal enjoyment when shelving the sugar.





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04 February 2019 - West Sussex Fire and Rescue to use joint mobilising system with Surrey


West Sussex Fire & Rescue Service is to move to a joint 999 mobilising system with Surrey Fire & Rescue Service.


The decision was made by the Cabinet Member for Safer, Stronger Communities today (1 February).


Command and mobilising systems are used to dispatch fire and rescue service resources to emergency incidents.


The decision follows a full assessment of the options available for alternative mobilising systems with other fire and rescue services.


The Surrey Fire and Rescue Service system has a proven track record for reliability, has the capacity to handle additional call volume and demonstrates good value for money.




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30 January 2019 - Last Chance to have your say on future development in Chichester District


Residents and businesses are being reminded to have their say on the Local Plan Review before consultation ends on Thursday 7 February.


The consultation is asking people for their views about how and where development needs such as housing, employment and retail should be met and managed in Chichester District over the next 15 years. The document sets out the council's proposed planning strategy for the period up to 2035.


The Local Plan does not include areas within the South Downs National Park. These areas are subject to a separate plan undertaken by the South Downs National Park Authority (SDNPA).


Councillor Tony Dignum, Leader of Chichester District Council says: "This consultation is extremely important as the Local Plan affects where we live, work and relax, where new shops and community facilities are built and it also protects our historic buildings and the natural environment. It is crucial that as many people as possible comment on the draft plan so that councillors are informed of public views before they consider any changes to the plan."


People can view and comment on the draft plan at



This link features all the documents, information and a series of frequently asked questions and answers



Reference copies of the draft plan are also available to view at:


Chichester Library: Tower Street, Chichester

Selsey Library: School Lane, Selsey

Southbourne Library: First Avenue, Southbourne

Chichester District Council offices: East Pallant House, Chichester, and

South Downs National Park Authority: South Downs Centre, North Street, Midhurst.


30 January 2019 - WSCC will continue to fund fire prevention and business resilience services after all


West Sussex County Council cabinet members have agreed to continue to fund fire intervention and prevention services and business resilience services.


At a meeting on Tuesday, it was agreed to give more time to look for alternative funding and sponsorship options to deliver these services in the future. It means proposed savings of £400,000 for fire prevention and £100,000 for business resilience services no longer form part of the budget decisions for 2019-2020.


Louise Goldsmith, the Leader of West Sussex County Council, added: "This has always been a very difficult area for us to look at, especially as we see the value of these preventative projects.


"We have listened to feedback from the public and our select committee and I'm delighted we've been able to find funding to give more time to develop business and sponsorship opportunities so these services can continue after 2020."


The 2019-2020 revenue budget goes before Full Council on 15 February for final approval.


22 January 2019 - PPP Taking Care will further enhance Careline service


Chichester Careline will benefit from significant investment and further expand its presence in the telecare market after it was agreed that PPP Taking Care should take over the service.


Chichester Careline, which is currently provided by Chichester District Council, is a 24 hour service which allows people to live independently by providing support and assistance through the use of technology known as telecare. The technology links up to a monitoring centre, which is operated by trained staff who will answer calls from its customers 24 hours a day, every day of the year. This provides reassurance both to the individual and their family.


The change, which will be introduced from 1 March 2019, will enable Careline to expand the services it offers to its customers. Chichester District Council developed the agreement with PPP Taking Care to attract much needed investment and enable Careline to further expand its work in the telecare market.


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18 January 2019 - Audio recording of Chichester District Council meetings to continue


The audio recording of key council, cabinet and committee meetings is to continue after Chichester District Council's cabinet agreed to continue the scheme in 2019 and beyond.


The system allows the recording and publishing of council, cabinet, Planning Committee, Overview and Scrutiny Committee, and Corporate Governance and Audit Committee meetings online.


"The audio recording of key meetings is great for local democracy and allows local people to listen to meetings at a time that suits them," says Councillor Peter Wilding, Cabinet Member for Corporate Services at Chichester District Council.





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14 January 2019 - CDC Press release - Formal response regarding Chichester A27 proposals is received


The Leader of Chichester District Council has received the formal written response regarding the rejected A27 proposals from Highways England.

The letter, from Highways England, follows a meeting that took place last month between Chichester District Council; the West Sussex County Council; and Chichester MP, Gillian Keegan.

"The detailed letter confirms the discussions that we had with Highways England, in December. We are still extremely disappointed with the response, but we remain determined to continue to campaign on this issue to ensure that a positive solution is found as an improved A27 is absolutely vital for the whole district.


"I will be meeting with Louise Goldsmith, Leader of West Sussex County Council, and Gillian Keegan on January 25 to discuss and reflect on the letter and talk through what the next steps should be."


The letter outlines the reasons why neither of the options would be feasible.


Highways England write that it is clear that both presented options, the Mitigated Northern and Mitigated Southern routes, have 'considerable issues to delivery that cannot at this time be overcome'.


It states: "This, along with the considerable costs without increased benefits mean the scheme would not represent value for money and therefore it is not possible to take a major improvement of the Chichester bypass forward at this time."


28 November 2018 - Chichester’s Local Plan Review approved for public consultation


A review of housing provision in Chichester District over the next 15 years has been approved for a public consultation.


At their meeting on Tuesday November 20, Chichester District councillors gave the go ahead for the Local Plan Review: Preferred Approach document to go out to public consultation for eight weeks, starting on 13 December 2018.


The document sets out the council's proposed planning strategy for the period up to 2035, including the amount and location of proposed development.


The Local Plan does not include areas within the South Downs National Park. These areas are subject to a separate plan undertaken by the South Downs National Park Authority (SDNPA).


Members of the public will be able to view documents and information at from 13 December.


The consultation will take place over an extended period to take account of Christmas and New Year, and will end on 7 February 2019.




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