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For residents planning a barbecue or picnic during the warm weather, Chichester District Council and the Food Standards Agency (FSA) have some advice to help make it a success.


"Many people think that food poisoning is just a passing stomach bug but it can be very serious," says Councillor Eileen Lintill, Cabinet Member for Community Services at Chichester District Council. "Anyone in the family could get food poisoning but children and elderly people are especially at risk.


"We know lots of residents will be hosting barbecues for their family and friends and going on picnics this summer. By following our food safety advice, people can have a great time and stay healthy."


In hot weather, it is important to keep food chilled where possible to prevent harmful bacteria growing. It is best to keep food in the fridge until it is needed, but this is not always possible at a barbecue or picnic. For these occasions, using a cool box with ice and frozen gel packs distributed throughout is a good way to keep food chilled.


When food is left out at room temperature for too long, the risk of bacteria increases which makes it unsafe to eat. Leftover food should be stored in the fridge as soon as it has cooled or put back in the cool box. Any food left out for longer than two hours should be thrown away to minimise the risk of food poisoning.






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22 May 2018 - Lavant Parish Council Open letter re A27 sent to MP, WSCC, CDC, SDNP


Lavant Parish Council has sent an open letter signed by three Parish Councils and 2 residents' associations concerning the A27 consultation. To read the letter click here


28 March 2018 - Lavant Parish Council Statement for WSCC A27 Consultation


Following the public meeting at St Nicholas Church on Thursday 22nd March, Lavant Parish Council has issued a statement which has been sent to WSCC A27 consultation.

To read the statement click here


The Minutes of that meeting can be read here


07 March 2018 - Eastmead Industrial Estate plans for development


For residents who were unable to go to the presentation at Lavant Memorial Hall please find the information here


28 February 2018 - Severe weather advice issued by council - Farmers' Market cancelled 2nd March


Chichester District Council is warning residents to stay safe and warm over the next few days, when severe weather conditions are due to reach the area.


Due to the weather forecast, the council has made the decision to cancel this week's Farmers' Market, which was due to take place on Friday 2 March .


"At the moment, the snow is meant to reach our area on Thursday and Friday. Although we don't like cancelling the Farmers' Market, we feel that this is in the best interest of residents, visitors and the market stallholders. At the moment heavy snow is due on Friday and so for safety reasons we feel that this is the right decision to make," says Councillor John Connor, Cabinet Member for Environment Services at Chichester District Council.


The council is also advising residents that any severe weather may affect refuse and recycling collections, but to still keep their bins out.


"It is difficult to predict how bad the weather conditions are going to be. However, we want to reassure residents that if we can't reach them on their usual day, we will empty their bin just as soon as we can. Residents just need to make sure that their bins are left out. We will also be providing regular updates on our website and social media sites" says Cllr Roger Barrow, Cabinet Member for Resident Services at Chichester District Council.




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23 February 2018 - People encouraged to comment on ideas for helping dog walkers protect migrating birds in Chichester Harbour


Dog lovers in Chichester District are backing a new project aimed at ensuring owners can walk their animals while also protecting Chichester Harbour's internationally important migrating birds.


The project is being led by Chichester District Council with support from Chichester Harbour Conservancy and the National Trust. The idea is to create a network of exciting dog activity areas outside the harbour, providing fun and fitness for owners and their dog.


Features could include, dog tunnels, weaves, jumps, balance equipment and hopefully dog ponds that can be used all year round, especially in winter, which will hopefully reduce the disturbance to our visiting winter wading birds.


Members of the public are being asked for their ideas as part of a public consultation which ends on Friday 31 March. People can comment at



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16 February 2018 - Protect yourself against fraud - talk at St Nicholas Wed 4th April 2.30pm. ALL WELCOME


The local police will be giving a talk on how to protect yourself from fraud - including internet and door-to-door scams.

All residents are invited to come. For further information contact the Parish Council.


13 February 2018 - Eastmeade Industrial Estate Plans - Lavant Memorial Hall 19th Feb at 3pm - 8pm


The proposal for the Eastmeade Industrial Estate will be on show on 19th Feb at Lavant Memorial Hall and residents are invited to comment.

Read proposal here


22 January 2018 - Retail trends and needs study by CDC


Retail trends research to be carried out among Chichester District residents


A retail needs study looking into residents' shopping and leisure habits is currently taking place as part of Chichester District Council's Local Plan Review.


The council has commissioned the study which will include a telephone survey. The survey starts on Monday 15 January, and will take place over three weeks.



It is being carried out by NEMS Market Research and will take around seven and half minutes to complete. Most calls will be made outside normal working hours in order to ensure that the working households can take part.


"We want to reassure residents that this isn't a scam and that the survey is being carried out lawfully, according to strict market research regulations," explains Councillor Susan Taylor, Cabinet Member for Planning at Chichester District Council. "As part of the Local Plan Review we want to look at retail and ensure that the needs of the future can be planned for and look at some of the issues affecting the retail sector in our district.


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09 January 2018 - Best way to support the homeless? Donate to Stonepillow CDC says


Leading councillors at Chichester District Council have agreed to fund a Rough Sleeper Outreach Worker, who will be dedicated to helping the homeless access accommodation and rebuild their lives.


"The reasons why people become homeless can be extremely complex, and quite often they require much more support than just a roof over their heads. In many cases, people are offered accommodation, only to turn it down. This is because they have other issues that need to be resolved and supported," says Cllr Jane Kilby, Cabinet Member for Housing at Chichester District Council.


"We are very lucky that we have the support of Stonepillow, who are one of our key partners. We know that a lot of residents want to support the homeless. The best way to do this is by donating to Stonepillow, which plays such a crucial role locally in helping people to get back on their feet."




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