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Lavant Volunteer Task Force

The Lavant Volunteer Task Force (LVTF) is up and running!


The LVTF has been formed so that the wide range of maintenance tasks that need doing around the village can tackled, in support of any more formal work undertaken by the various responsible authorities. This can range from patch clearing to general maintenance work.


In order to ensure continued progress, it has been decided that Tuesday morning each week will be LVTF time (9.30am-1.00pm). The nature and location of work is confirmed in advance.


The Volunteers

  • Adrian Blades
  • John Prior
  • Bob Mallett
  • Elaine Gray
  • Richard Sims
  • Reg Evans
  • James Pickford
  • Ian Graham
  • Mike Kingsford
  • Phil Ladds
  • Garvis Snook
  • Robert Newman
  • Ian Hutton
  • Tony Loten
  • Peter Salmon
  • Lin Worsfold
  • Richard Rose

If you are aged between 18 and 80, are able and willing to help then please contact Adrian Blades or Bob Mallett - you will be made most welcome.


Recent Activities

So far the LVTF has cleared an extensive stretch of undergrowth along the verges of Centurion Way to the north of the village, and completed some essential manicuring of trees and bushes around the Village Green. Yards of undergrowth round the edges of the Football Field have been cleared, check out the photos of volunteers in action in the gallery to the right. The wooden bus stops at Pook Lane roundabout and the top of St Nicholas Rd have also had a makeover.


Recent reports to LPC and Future Plans

Read here the latest report to LPC about what's been achieved recently and what's still to be tackled:

Report Oct 2016


Useful information and links

Emergency Plan

Winter Plan


The Small Print - Safety & Insurance

Work will generally be undertaken by a minimum of two people. Appropriate training will be provided, if required, for particular tasks. Any equipment used, whether supplied by the LVTF or by the individuals, must be in full working order with the appropriate safety controls. Volunteers must wear appropriate protective clothing for the tasks undertaken, e.g. gloves, safety helmets, high visibility clothing, goggles. The above requirements plus a completed risk assessment for the specific task(s) must be in place in order for volunteers to be covered by insurance from LPC and WSCC.

Next Scheduled LVTF day
Tues 17th JanuaryChildren's playground9.30am at the playground
24th January 2017TBCTBC



Contact details:

Adrian Blades

Tel 01243 527705



Bob Mallett

Tel 01243 776997



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