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27th Aug 2015 - Chichester helps prevent diabetes

Free Pre-Diabetes Prevention Programme to start in Chichester district

Free Pre-Diabetes Prevention Programme to start in Chichester district


People at risk of developing Type 2 diabetes or who have a family member who is are invited to a new Pre Diabetes Prevention Programme.


Chichester District Wellbeing is offering free training and awareness programmes which will take place on Monday 21 September at 7.15pm and Friday 25 September at 9.30am. Both sessions will take place at Westgate Leisure Centre, in the Ravenna Room.


The aim is to provide information and advice on how people can slow or eliminate the development of Type 2 diabetes within a relaxed and friendly environment. Afterwards people will be offered further support.


Pauline Johnson and Ros Bower understand first-hand how extra support can help manage their diabetes. They have both attended Chichester District Wellbeing's Weightloss Workshops which have made a huge difference to their health.


Pauline started the workshops in March. She was having difficulty losing weight and the workshops were recommended by her doctor. She says they have made a huge difference to the way she manages her diabetes.


"The workshops have re-educated me completely without a radical change of diet or lifestyle," she says. "The information gained has been amazing and the results prove it. After three years of being told what to eat and what not to eat as a diabetic, all my results have improved: my sugar levels dropped and I lost over a stone in 12 weeks. Both my doctors are impressed with the sugar levels and the weight loss. I have also had my thyroid medication reduced by 25% and I am working with my GP to cut out my statins. This is all thanks to my healthy weight loss.


"Because of Chichester District Wellbeing my energy levels have risen and I even did part of the South Downs Way at Seven Sisters. Friends and family say how well I look and I feel good. Joining the programme was the best thing I could have done. I would certainly recommend the service - it has been life changing for me."


Ros was referred to Chichester District Wellbeing by her diabetic nurse. She has had diabetes for 36 years and manages it through insulin and diet. She says: "The sooner you know you may be at risk of developing diabetes, you can make the correct changes to your lifestyle and diet to avoid long term health problems.


Since joining the workshops my blood sugar levels have gone down and I have lost over a stone in 12 weeks. The WWW plan is not difficult to follow as you are allowed the occasional treat and the food plan is based around keeping blood sugar levels steady and I would highly recommend them."


Councillor Eileen Lintill, who is Cabinet Member for Community Services at Chichester District Council, says: "The Chichester Wellbeing team is extremely knowledgable and supportive to clients. The new programme is very accessible and as shown by Pauline and Ros, can make a huge difference."


For more details and to book a place on Chichester District Wellbeing's Pre-Diabetes Prevention programme call 01243 521041, email or see